[Webinar Registration] 1031s versus Opportunity Zones

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When investors sell appreciated assets, particularly real estate, they face a choice: pay capital gains tax or implement a tax mitigation strategy. In this webinar, our expert panelists will compare 1031 exchanges and Opportunity Zones, two highly effective tax management tools available to investors. 

While Opportunity Zones and 1031s both offer the ability to invest on a tax-deferred basis, these vehicles have different features and one may align better than another depending upon the type of gain and investors’ objectives. For instance, some offer income immediately, while others do not. 

RCX Capital Group and Ensenia Wealth teams have deep expertise in tax-advantaged real estate products and have advised on such transactions for decades. 

Ensenia and RCX Capital leverage their expertise and product agnostic approach to equip financial advisors with tools to become more comprehensive in their planning with their clients. They do this by providing turnkey tax advantage solutions. 

RCX Capital’s broker-dealer works with top quality sponsors, bringing access to institutional quality real estate investments through 1031 and Opportunity Zone offerings. Through the use of VENTURE.co’s technology, this knowledge and access to investments will be introduced to their network of RIAs and clients.


Jean-Louis Guinchard, RCX Capital Group, LLC
Dino Champagne, Asset Preservation, Inc.
Brad Blazar, VENTURE.co Holdings, Inc.

Moderated by Trevor Nesbit, VENTURE.co Holdings, Inc.