[On-Demand Webinar] BioEclipse Therapeutics: Paradigm Shift in Cancer Therapy

A novel multi-mechanistic immunotherapy has been developed and tested by BioEclipse Therapeutics under license from Stanford University, partly under research grants from the National Institutes of Health.  The results in mouse studies are extremely striking.  BioEclipse scientists have observed in most cases the complete eradication of cancerous cells in a wide range of solid and liquid tumor cancers. They have also observed the formation of a protective long-term memory in immune-competent animal models.  The in vitro results against tumor cells indicate an approximate thousand-fold increase in cytotoxicity over other therapies.  The preclinical animal studies of the BioEclipse therapy against other immunotherapies that were subsequently FDA-approved, shows a significant increase in efficacy (20-100%), measured by tumor burden and time to recurring disease, and without evident side effects. 

The panelists include:

  • Pamela Contag, PhD, Founder and CEO of BioEclipse
  • Catherine Sohn, Chairman of the Board, BioEclipse Therapeutics. 
  • Joe Ventresca, Managing Director of Investment Banking, VENTURE.co

Disclosures: BioEclipse Therapeutics, Inc. is a venture-stage cancer immunotherapy company with headquarters in South San Francisco. VENTURE.co Brokerage Services, LLC, a 50-state registered broker-dealer (member, FINRA), is the managing broker-dealer for this investment opportunity. Revelis Capital Group is a venture capital investor and Manager of the Single Purpose Vehicle through which equity shares are being offered. The offering is available to accredited investors only.  A Private Placement Memorandum, with risk disclosures, is available upon request.  Terms are indicative and subject to change or withdrawal.