RCX, Ensenia and VENTURE.co Welcome a New Partnership

Dear VENTURE.co Network,

We are delighted to announce a new partnership between RCX Capital Group, LLC, Ensenia Wealth, LLC and Ventureco Holdings, Inc. Our firms are collaborating to bring institutional-quality, tax-advantaged real estate investments to independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and Family Offices. 

1031 exchanges and Opportunity Zones allow real estate owners to defer capital gains when they sell a property or a business that owns property by rolling their investment into a new investment. Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) allow investors to own institutional quality, professionally managed, real estate in a vehicle that’s eligible for 1031 exchanges. Deferring capital gains tax using one of these vehicles can increase returns to investors. As such, the popularity of 1031-eligible products has grown significantly over the past two decades and the recent introduction of Opportunity Zones has added to investor’s options. However, planning your sale, following the procedure to be eligible for a 1031 exchange or Opportunity Zone and identifying high quality investments and sponsors is often difficult for investors and investment advisors as they review the large number of offerings in the market.   

Ensenia specializes in sub-advisory services to investment advisors.  Working with advisors and family offices to subscribe to Opportunity Zones or DST investments, Ensenia’s knowledge is critical, as the 1031 exchange process and selecting the investments that meet each investor’s individual requirements must be handled properly to retain the tax benefits. RCX Capital acts as managing broker-dealer, allowing access to many of the premier Opportunity Zone and 1031-eligible DST sponsors in the nation. The new platform will be product-agnostic; investors and advisors will access educational and transactional materials provided by RCX Capital through VENTURE.co’s private securities transaction software. Further, VENTURE.co Brokerage Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of VENTURE.co Holdings, will act as syndicate manager. This relationship allows for broader distribution of and access to the products on the platform, which in turn will allow investors to utilize their own advisors and registered representatives in sourcing the product.  

Our three firms working together will greatly enhance RIA access to institutional-quality DST and Opportunity Zone investments and assist RIAs with the subscription and management process. Our first order of business is to provide our respective networks with the educational materials they need to appropriately source and analyze the potential value of these tax-advantaged products for their clients’ portfolios.  

Jean-Louis Guinchard, Managing Principal of RCX Capital says, “We’re delighted to partner with VENTURE.co as they represent best in class technology being applied to the RIA marketplace.  We’re also excited to expand their product offering and provide VENTURE.co’s clients access to tax advantaged real estate investments.” 

Aaron Pollak, CEO of VENTURE.co says, “The RCX Capital and Ensenia Wealth teams have deep and broad expertise in tax-advantaged real estate products. Ensenia’s product-agnostic advisory services are a benefit to financial advisors looking to add additional value to their clients, and RCX Capital works with top quality sponsors in this space.  VENTURE.co technology will help bring these investment products and advisory services to a broader market of investors.” 

All the best, 

Jean-Louis Guinchard-Managing Principal, RCX Capital 

Aaron Pollak-Founder & CEO, VENTURE.co 

Join us for an upcoming webinar: “Tax Advantaged Real Estate: 1031s vs. Opportunity Zones

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