Immuno-oncology: cancer-fighting technology and investment opportunity

We invite you to attend a webinar on BioEclipse Therapeutics, led by its CEO, Pamela Contag, Ph.D. and her team, and moderated by Joseph Ventresca, Managing Director of Investment Banking at Brokerage Services.

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BioEclipse Therapeutics™ is preparing to enter open Phase I/II clinical trials with an intravenously delivered, targeted biotherapy against advanced ovarian cancer. The BioEclipse multi-mechanistic immunotherapy, CRX-100, delivers potentially curative treatments to patients over a broad range of tumor types. CRX-100 is made up of two components, both of which have been extensively tested in humans (with an excellent safety profile). This NIH-funded treatment, based on patents licensed from Stanford University, has shown striking results in animal models. 

As reported in the scientific newsletter, Drug Delivery, “With decades of academic work and industry experience under her belt, [Dr. Contag] founded BioEclipse Therapeutics in the hopes of bringing therapies to patients with especially tricky forms of cancer. The company’s solution combines activated immune cells with a cancer-killing virus, two techniques that, when combined, work together to boost the therapy’s efficacy…The immune cells, which bind directly to the tumor, act as ferries for the oncolytic virus. Once the immune cell binds to the tumor and the virus is released, rapid tumor killing occurs.” Dr. Contag comments, “CRX-100 combination therapy addresses a broad set of indications because it’s not limited to one specific target molecule on a cancer cell. Our therapy demonstrates that precision medicine can be multi-mechanistic in targeting cancer cells, bringing efficacy together with an excellent safety profile.”

Dr. Contag explains, “CRX-100 is the first combination within our proprietary platform to enter clinical trials. Essentially, CRX-100 protects a cancer-killing virus inside activated immune cells derived from the patient or from a donor. In animal studies, we see impressive cytotoxicity without measurable side effects. We also expect formation of a long-term cytotoxic immune response from the patient’s active immune system, which can ‘see’ molecules on the lysed tumor cells and then ‘remember’ to kill those cells when and if they appear again.”  She added, “Our first clinical trial target is ovarian cancer, where patient morbidity is high and therapeutic resistance common. All pre-clinical models tested showed tumor killing and no observable toxicities, including ovarian SKOV-3 and UCI 101, prostate, and the rare cancers glioblastoma and neuroblastoma. Furthermore, CRX-100 demonstrated, in immune-competent mouse models, long-term immune protection from disease recurrence after re-challenge of the targeted tumor–for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma OCI-Ly8 (B-cell), hepatocellular carcinoma, breast 4T1, lung metastatic 4T1-L, and colorectal MC-38.”

Many firms in recent year have been acquired or have had IPOs in the immuno-oncology industry. These include IFM Therapeutics (which exited on 8/3/17, while in pre-clinical trials; Bristol-Meyers Squibb agreed to pay $300 million upfront plus up to $1.01 billion in milestone payments), Viralytics (which exited on 2/21/18, while in Phase 2 clinical trials; Merck purchased the outstanding shares for $394 million), and BeneVir (which exited on 5/2/18, while in pre-clinical trials; Johnson & Johnson paid $140 million upfront and agreed to milestone payments of up to $900 million). These are just some of the most recent exits in the industry.

Register for the webinar “New Frontiers in Cancer Therapy“.

Disclosure: BioEclipse Therapeutics, Inc. is a venture-stage cancer immunotherapy company with headquarters in South San Francisco. Brokerage Services LLC, a 50-state registered broker-dealer (member, FINRA), is the managing broker-dealer for this investment opportunity. Revelis Capital Group is a venture capital investor and Manager of the Single Purpose Vehicle through which equity shares are being offered. The terms of the offering will be explained and the pathbreaking bio-technology will be summarized in the webinar.  Accredited investors may request the Private Placement Memorandum, which includes risk disclosure and detailed terms. 

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