and Mick Law Set the Bar Higher for Private Placement Due Diligence


Boutique investment bank partners with top-tier law firm to increase quality and distribution of private placement investment offerings.

New York, NY and Omaha, NE

mick law Holdings, Inc. and Mick Law P.C, LLO have entered into a partnership agreement to bring greater transparency to company and offering diligence.  In addition, Bryan Mick, President of Mick Law, will join’s Board of Advisors.

Investment banking is a highly regulated industry. Regulations around private placement securities are constantly evolving to create new opportunities but are also becoming increasingly more complex. In part because of regulatory changes, the number of private placement security offerings have significantly increased throughout the past decade, all with differing levels of risk.

“As private companies and partnerships are subject to limited oversight when sharing company information connected to a private securities offering, it’s the role of a licensed broker-dealer to bring the greatest level of transparency.  Brokers have a responsibility to investors and should have a high bar when it comes to evaluation of a private offering,” said Aaron Pollak, CEO of “Well-vetted offerings also need to stand out among the numerous private placements of varying quality. Our investment bankers, financial analysts and lawyers give each of our offerings a high level of scrutiny. Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) can look to a Mick Law due diligence and underwriting opinion as a seal of certification that the offering has been vetted as to legal compliance and financial structure to the highest standard, no matter the offering size”.

Mick Law is known nationwide as a leading expert in due diligence; RIAs and broker-dealers frequently call on the firm to issue legal opinions regarding securities offerings. Mick Law has established its reputation as an expert in securities offerings, winning Finance Monthly’s Due Diligence Law Firm of the Year Award for three years in a row (2015-2017). This expertise comes from thoughtful inclusion of business professionals among the legal team–as well as real estate underwriters, petroleum engineers, and asset class researchers. issuers will have the option to request a legal opinion from Mick Law. By doing so, issuers open their deal and their principals up to the highest standard of transparency.’s investment platform provides for verification of accredited status, access to all offering documents, suitability and bad actor checks, and management of investor subscription and payments. The due diligence opinion will be an interactive button on the investment’s offering page on the portal, specifically for FINRA-licensed broker-dealers, RIAs, and syndication partners.

“Mick Law legal opinions analyze all material facts about the structure of the investment, economic trends, and prospective asset performance, plus full legal vetting of principals, deal documents, and disclosures.” said Bryan Mick. “This effort by to standardize the most rigorous due diligence efforts goes above and beyond expected fidelity; we hope to see others follow their lead.”

Originally published on PR Newswire.

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