IMS Webinar Series Welcomes’s Greg Brown to Panel

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Recent regulations have enabled technology to streamline the capital raising process. Commercial real estate sponsors can now host their offerings on online portals, and online deals range from crowdfunding to traditional structures. This opportunity helps sponsors increase their outreach, increase fidelity, and decrease their workload. Now that so many real estate offerings are online, investors must wade through wide variety of deals. How can issuers cut through that noise to reach more investors while remaining compliant?

In this upcoming Investor Management Services (IMS) webinar,’s Head of Real Estate and Registered Representative Greg Brown will join host and IMS VP of Business Development Ron Rossi and attorney and former FINRA regulator Scott Anderson. This panel will explore and discuss issues surrounding:

  • Commercial real estate offerings using the issuer exemption versus a broker-dealer
  • Pitfalls of the issuer exemption 
  • Cost and benefit of using a FINRA-registered broker-dealer

Greg Brown will bring his perspective as a commercial real estate issuer and early adopter of software solutions. Greg often writes about the archaic, inefficient “sausage-making” process of raising capital before the JOBS Act (2012).  During this webinar, he will further outline what that process used to entail, and how that process has changed now that technology has enabled online distribution of offerings under Exemption 506(c) to the Securities Act. Major benefits include:

  • Smaller issuers (under $25mm) have greater access to broker-dealers and investment banks
  • Broker-dealers can reach out, on behalf of issuers, to investors with whom they have no prior relationship
  • Now that offerings are online and more widely distributed, compliance issues in some cases are easier for regulators to flag.  Importantly, under the 506(c) exemption, the accredited status of investors now must be verified.

Join us and IMS on June 19th at 2 pm, as this experienced panel discusses various trends, successes, failures, and red flags with technology-enabled commercial real estate offerings. This webinar is appropriate for issuers, sponsors, investors, or those interested in learning more about alternative investments.

Sign up for the Webinar on Tuesday, June 19th at 2pm.

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